Friday, May 13, 2005

Toyota Hypocrisy

Toyota has an ad running on national television which begins with a father coming home, saying hello to his wife and kids, and largely being ignored by them. The kids are absorbed with whatever drivel is playing on the television.

So the father loads the family into the Toyota Sequoia for drive into the country to observe nature. The children become fascinated by the beauty of nature. The tag line includes something about a family adventure.

What I find disgustingly stupid is the premise of taking the children away from television to ride in the family car to observe nature. The idea, in reality, is wonderful. I wish parents did this all the time. But I doubt that the children would be interested today, nor do I think the parents would think about it or put up with the whining such an action would likely induce.

Sixty-eight percent of 8 to 18-year-olds have televisions in their bedrooms, 54% DVD players, and 31% PCs, according to a recent study. I think that is ridiculous. I'm not opposed to having more than one television in a household. But I don't think children should have television in their bedroom. There's a much bigger rant that goes with that thought, but it's not directly related to this post.

The hypocrisy of Toyota is using the idea of bringing the family together to enjoy nature instead of watching television to promote an SUV which comes with a DVD entertainment system:

A family adventure awaits with the 2005 Sequoia. Loaded with features like a standard 282-hp i-FORCE V8 engine with VVT-i, comfortable seating for eight, an available rear seat DVD entertainment system and tons of versatility, quality time with the kids is now even more unforgettable.

If you want your children to enjoy nature, don't put a damn video screen in the family car for them to watch while driving through nature.