Monday, May 02, 2005

Ball Magnet, Part 2

Wife and I saw our first Springfield Cardinals game, from a skybox, no less.

On Saturday, we were guests of the dean of the SMSU libraries who received tickets via the SMSU Foundation, which leases a skybox with KTXR. The view was good, the company excellent, and the ballgame...well, not bad. Cards lost in a game full of errors.

I previously wrote about our adventures at Hammons Field and the attraction foul balls had for us. This time we weren't hit with any foul balls, although a couple came pretty close. I think it was the extra elevation, which we unfortunately won't get to enjoy again for some time. One foul struck the press box area right above us, fell just past our seats into the lower deck. I might have been able to catch it if I tried, but I figured I'd more likely fall over the rail. Besides, we're bound to get hit with another foul ball when we return to the lower seats!

Also got our first look at the video screen. It's nice, but isn't as viewable with the sun still kind of low in the sky. Night games are probably better. There also seemed to be a sync problem, creating quite a bit of flicker. That bug will be worked out, I'm sure.

One note to the folks at Opfer Communications (who operate the board), keep in mind that small text may work while watching TV at home, but not in a stadium when you're sitting some 400+ feet away, even on this screen. A spot that ran before the game began ended with some quite small text. Impossible to tell what the message was.