Thursday, May 12, 2005

Midtown Mudhouse Closing Lobby

Few official details are available, but the word from employees is that the Midtown Mudhouse will be closing its lobby beginning Sunday, May 15th.

The lobby area will be used for the Mudhouse's roasting and internet sales operations. Evidently the Mudhouse could not resolve parking issues. The building's previous occupant, Pasta Express, had a deal with Drury University to use Drury's parking lot for the Shewmaker Communication Center next door. That meant just about anybody could park in the Shewmaker lot without fear of a ticket from Drury Security, provided one didn't register one's car with Drury.

With Drury planning to build a new business building on its parking lot on the southeast corner of Central and Drury Lane, the Shewmaker lot will soon be the only off-street parking lot on the south part of campus. Perhaps Drury was no longer willing to provide free parking to Mudhouse clientele?

On a related note, Tindle Mills has closed its store on Central across from Central High's football stadium. Drury University has expressed a desire to purchase the Tindle Mills property as part of its long-range plan. At least part of the property would be used for a parking garage. One wonders if the store closing is the first step toward building a facility?