Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wednesday Storm Coverage

So the sirens wailed, the wind blew, the rain came down. Not much thunder where we were, no damage, not a terribly stressful storm. Unlike others, we never lost power. We switched from our cable network rerun to the local affiliates to assess the situation and measure the coverage.

KY3 went wall to wall until the tornado warning was over. Lots of Ron Hearst, a little bit of Brandon Beck. Lots of radar. Pretty good coverage.

KOLR10 and KSFX also went wall to wall. We liked the use of their "tower cam" showing the storm moving into Springfield. We like tower cam shots of city streets when there's traffic. This was even better because of the cloud lightning and occassional cloud to ground lightning. What really topped it for us were the unexpected blowing power transformers, exploding in a bright flash. Pyrotechnics. Cool.

KSPR, being KSPR, ran "Lost." With weather crawls.