Tuesday, May 02, 2006

President Prissypants

Stephen Colbert definitely touched a few nerves.

Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert's biting routine at the White House Correspondents Association dinner won a rare silent protest from Bush aides and supporters Saturday when several independently left before he finished.

"Colbert crossed the line," said one top Bush aide, who rushed out of the hotel as soon as Colbert finished. Another said that the president was visibly angered by the sharp lines that kept coming.

"I've been there before, and I can see that he is [angry]," said a former top aide. "He's got that look that he's ready to blow."

Colbert's routine was similar to what he does on his show, the Colbert Report, but much longer on the topic of Bush, suggesting that the president is out of touch with reality. Aides and reporters, however, said that it did not overshadow Bush's own funny routine, which featured an impersonator who told the audience what Bush was thinking when he spoke dull speech lines.

In fact, some aides crowed over reports that the president easily bested Colbert in the reviews of both comedy acts.

Yeah, right. Bush's routine more funny than Colbert? Not a chance. Colbert lambasted the news media as well as Bush. And as has become so typical of the Washington press corps, they didn't like looking in the mirror. These are the same people who laughed at Bush's stupid slide show about looking for weapons of mass destruction in the Oval Office.