Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Ah, the joys of buying a house. The DocLarry household has spent the last few weeks preparing for and then moving to the new Lost Chord headquarters. The good doctor was urged to "disappear" for much of the moving day. That urging came from Mrs. DocLarry.

We're still trying to find in which box we packed this or that. And we still have a bedroom to paint and thus do not have furniture in its final resting place. But we're definitely home.

Thanks to the generosity of hard work by good friends, our yard is now fenced such that Baxter may again wander his domain. Our neighbors informed us of the existence of a hawk and a fox in the neighborhood. The fence will keep Baxter from attempting to befriend the fox. The hawk will be thwarted in any efforts to snatch Lost Chord's resident beagle by large leafy trees. That and the size of the boy.

Blogging will be irregular during the period of adjustment. Photos will follow when we find the camera.