Sunday, May 21, 2006

Can't Wait for the Letter on This

Today's News-Leader includes a report of a robbery at a north side motel. Springfield Police Lt. Kevin Routh said the three victims were in the parking lot of the motel when a black man approached them demanding money. Routh said the suspect, after taking a "small amount of money" was last seen in the vicinity of Hotel 7. You may remember Hotel 7 as the scene of a party gone bad, with nine injured by gunshots. That led to several letters-to-the-editor and radio talk show calls blaming the whole thing on the victims' race.

Friday night's robbery comes on the heels of a string of robberies still under investigation:

The robbery came one day after five robberies were reported on Thursday. Police did not speculate whether the robberies were connected.

Springfield police are still investigating the robbery spree that occurred largely on the south side of the city late Thursday and lasted for roughly an hour.

Victims in parking lots were approached by four black men who demanded cash, said police Lt. Kevin Routh. One of the men had a handgun, Routh said.
Given the climate of racism permeating the Springfield area, how soon before we read letters-to-the-editor and talk radio calls complaining about black people living in Springfield?

And one side note: Where were Vinney Davey Jerk-oh's Guardian Angels during these robberies?