Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Business Funny

The Snooze-Leader runs a column on its Business page every Monday titled "Workbytes." It's co-written by one of my former students, Larry Ballard, who works for another Gannett paper, the Des Moines Register. This week's column contained a funny truth.
Let me quote the relevant portion:

And that's where WorkBytes comes in, probably without wiping our feet.

Anyone who reads a morning newspaper -- especially those who read it at 6 and 10 -- knows there is a critical shortage of qualified candidates "impacting" every job field in America.

Had to chuckle at that first sentence..."probably without wiping our feet." Ha!

But the best line is in the next graf. A slam against those news readers called "anchors" on local TV news programs. It's true in Des Moines and it's true in Springfield. Local TV news operations often "report" whatever was in the morning newspaper. No problem with that. Well, other than the TV news reports come after the morning newspaper reports. It's always struck me as rather curious how newspaper reporters learn news a full 24 hours before some TV news reporters.

In any case, go read the column. Makes me very proud of my former student. And no, I don't think I had much to do with his writing ability. This isn't about my ego. Well, maybe a little.