Thursday, December 01, 2005

Friday Beagle Blogging (Early Edition)

Granny Geek sent us a note regarding Baxter, who hasn't made an appearance on Lost Chord for awhile. Everything's fine. DocLarry's just been bad about keeping up with Beagle Blogging.

But since you asked, Baxter had surgery Wednesday to remove a couple growths. One on his left front leg, one on his back. He's got a cool shaved patch now! He's doing well, and nothing to be concerned about. Baxter turned 12 last month, so the growths are nothing unusual.

We did learn recently that he has a thyroid problem. He takes a pill twice a day ("Special Breakfast" and "Special Supper" = wet dog food surrounding the pill) for that condition, and it's definitely working.

We'd notice he had become lathargic and seemed to have more difficult hopping on to furniture and in and out of the car. In the month he's been taking the medication he's back to acting like a puppy, runs all over the place, especially enjoys playing in dry leaves, and had lost 2.5 pounds (about 5 percent of his body weight). This is one happy and healthy dog!

As I type this, Baxter is sound asleep on the couch, lying on his back, having a dream. I can tell by the jerking back legs indicating his running in his dream. And the occasional muffled bark.

BTW, Baxter LOVES his veterinarian, Dr. Tedd at the Springfield Veterinary Hospital. No, this is not a paid endorsement. But it is an endorsement.