Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year?

Here's hoping 2006 is a bit better than 2005 for most of us. But this isn't a rant entry. Rather, it is a celebration of New Year's Eve. Who'd have thought I'd be strolling in shorts and a t-shirt on December 31st? Are we still in the northern hemisphere? Temperatures in the 60s the first week of January?

The wife, the dog, and the Doc took a brisk walk through Springfield's National Cemetary, then drove up to Pomme de Terre State Park. We'd never visited the park and decided it was too beautiful a day to stay home. Excellent weather, wonderful views of Lake Pomme de Terre, neat drive across the dam. The dog tried to eat somebody's leftover pizza and accidentally bit the wife as she attempted to remove the nasty stuff from his mouth. The Doc was not happy.

Wife is fine. Dog is in the doghouse.