Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bush Approval Hits New Low

This isn't breaking news, but I thought it would be good to look at Bush's approval ratings in light of Tuesday's election. These ratings were all reported prior to the election.

A CBS News poll put Bush's approval at a new low: 35 percent.

The latest Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey puts Bush's approval at 36 percent.

That's still higher than Nixon during Watergate. And it's nearly as low as Carter at the end of his presidency.

In Missouri, Bush's approval rating (as of Oct. 17th) stood at 39 percent, down 7 percent since June. At that time, only six states gave Bush approval ratings above 50 percent: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Twenty-five states have Bush below 40 percent. That includes
New Mexico, Arkansas, Iowa, Nevada and Ohio; states which voted FOR Bush in 2004.

Perhaps Tuesday's election results aren't so surprising, given these numbers.