Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bush "Referendum" Fails. Big Time.

On Tuesday, the Washington Post ran a story saying the White House saw the Virginia Governor's election as a referendum on Pres. Bush.

Bush's election-eve foray to Richmond to rally behind Republican Jerry W. Kilgore inserted him into the hottest election of the off-year cycle and will test his ability to energize his party's base voters, according to strategists from both parties. Even in a traditionally Republican-leaning state such as Virginia, polls register disenchantment with Bush's leadership, and Kilgore has had trouble running against national headwinds.

Tuesday election results clearly show the Bush referendum failed. Miserably. Just like his presidency. It wasn't just the Virginia governor's race. Democrats had a really big day yesterday with convincing governor victories in Virginia and New Jersey.

"Intelligent Design" proponents were SLAUGHTERED as voters in Dover, Penn. threw out EVERY SINGLE ONE of the wacko Republican anti-evolution wingnuts who were sitting on the school board. Now that's a mandate.

The St. Paul, Minn. mayor who supported Bush in 2004 was crushed by a REAL Democrat.
The St. Paul race was overshadowed by partisan fury over Kelly's decision to endorse President Bush for reelection in 2004. A number of polls showed Kelly fighting a backlash in the largely DFL town over the endorsement. A Star Tribune Minnesota Poll showed that nearly two-thirds of likely voters said Kelly's decision to campaign for Bush influenced their choice of candidate.

In California, Ahnold was handed a serious slap as well, with all four of his ballot initiatives (Props 74-77) losing.

In Tucson, Ariz., Democrats defeated two Republicans and reverted the city council to Democratic control.

Yesterday was a nice start and sets an excellent tone for the 2006 midterm election.