Saturday, April 16, 2005

College kids

Speaking of the Hardy case...those crazy kids at Drury certainly had some fun with the case. As reported in the campus newspaper, The Mirror, on Friday:

"One of my buddies put on scrubs and covered his face in barbecue sauce and ran around in front of the KY3 van," junior Josh Deckard said.

Drury students have a sort of "fondness" for Drury Safety and Security personnel, never missing an opportunity to mock those charged with their safety:

"I was at the kitchen sink when I saw him run by my window," junior Katie Parrigon said.

"Thinking that security is everywhere, I called them and told the officer that I believe that I had just seen the man and security told me that they had another call and put me on hold. He came back from hold and asked for a description and I told him that the guy was pretty much naked and he had a gown. The officer asked about the gown. "


Later on Tuesday, Parrigon found herself talking to Drury security about Hardy and their attempts to capture him.

"I was standing by Smal-Mart and a security officer came up and we asked him if he was off to save the world," Parrigon said. "He said that he would need to get his bike first."

Students also provided "helpful" descriptions of Hardy:
"He had a body that looked like an anorexic woman," Parrigon said. "He had nothing for muscle except a funky butt."

"If SNL [Saturday Night Live] were to do a skit about this situation, that is exactly what the guy looked like. He was all cut up and scary looking," Deckard said.

But Heather Kelley praised the security officers in a letter to the editor:
While walking around campus Tuesday and Wednesday while the "crazy" man was (and still is upon writing this article) loose, I felt better knowing that Drury Security was there. They were very visible in their patrols and professional in the way they handled the fears of students.