Saturday, February 11, 2006

Want to be a "big part of the evening newscasts?"

KSPR-TV Springfield 33 (where Springfield comes first!) is searching for a new....something. I'm not sure I'd call it an anchor for their newscasts, even if they do. The job description doesn't fit my idea of an anchor. Clown, yes.

Here's the ad posted at Great Hires:

Closing Date: 13-MAR-06

Employer Information
Business Worksite Name:

Employer Contact Information - You can apply using the following method(s):
Send resume to:
PO BOX 6030

Other / Additional Information:
Send VHS tape with cover letter and resume right away.

Job Description
Energetic anchor/producer to become a big part of the evening newscasts. Seeking someone who compliments our energetic and popular female anchor; someone who loves news and wants to be part of an operation with plans to grow. Bring confidence and personality to an on-air delivery. Key skills required include the ability to write stories and teases, produce a show, find creative and interesting ways to present the news on a daily basis, make public appearances and become part of the Springfield community.

I like that they're seeking someone to express praise, admiration, or congratulation for their female anchor. And it's important that this person performs formal acts of civility, courtesy, or respect. I'm also pleased they want someone to show fondness, regard, or respect for by giving a gift or performing a favor for the energetic and popular female anchor. I'm sure she'll appreciate it. After all, she IS energetic and popular!

It may be tough finding someone to become part of the Springfield community, what with all the shootings and influx of hip-hoppers.

Silly me, I never realized a news department had to find creative and interesting ways to present the news on a daily basis. I thought journalists sought the truth and to provide a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues.

Too bad KSPR isn't looking for someone who complements their energetic and popular female anchor.

Thankfully, not all local television news anchors are quite this bizarre. KYTV's Jerry Jacob provided a refreshing alternative viewpoint on this week's STREET TALK podcast.