Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Man Who Beat Blunt

The National Jewish Democratic Council has an informative post about new House Majority Leader Rep. John Boehner of Ohio. It's worth a read, even if you're not Jewish.

Ten Things Every American Jew (and non-Jew) Should Know About John Boehner: (go here for details)

1. For School Prayer and Amending the Constitution
2. For Forced Religion in Anti-Poverty Programs
3. 100% Against a Woman's Right to Choose
4. For Religious Employment Discrimination
5. Against the Rule of Law in Ten Commandments Case
6. Against Common-Sense Environmental Safeguards
7. For More Religious Employment Discrimination
8. Against Confronting Proselytizing at the Air Force Academy
9. Led the Effort to Inject Religious Employment Discrimination into Head Start
10. Pushed Ohio Schools to Embrace "Intelligent Design"

It would appear Boehner wants a state-sponsored religion. And of course he wants it to be the Christian religion. Boehner is also the guy who famously handed out tobacco lobbyists' checks on the house floor to corral votes. Was that before RoyBoy dumped his wife of 30 years for his mistress, the tobacco lobbyist?

Boehner also shares strong lobbyist ties with Tom DeLay. And yet the traditional news media insists on spinning Boehner as the "reformist" choice. Boehner gets campaign contributions to rip off students for the private student loan industry.

We're nine months away from the midterms. Time to ask yourself: Are you better off today than you were six years ago? And, can you afford to buy a congressman? GOP ones seem to be for sale.