Friday, February 24, 2006

GOP Can't Get Its Story Straight

It seems some Republicans think too much is being said about the president's illegal spying program, while others think it needs more discussion.
On the one hand, Missouri Senator Kit Bond, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says the surveillance program could be destroyed if investigations and discussion by the media continue.

Bond said that while he respects the media’s rights, the more the program is discussed, the less useful it becomes.

Meanwhile, Dick Cheney says the NSA spying should be an election issue.
"And with an important election coming up, people need to know just how we view the most critical questions of national security, and how we propose to defend the nation that all of us, Republicans and Democrats, love and are privileged to serve," Cheney said.

So I guess it's OK to talk about the illegal spying program as long as you make it a campaign issue. Here's hoping the Democrats do exactly that.