Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Beagle Blogging

Baxter is keeping an ear open for our dinner guests. We're saying goodbye to Granny Geek and Gentle Ben. Snarling Marmot and the Chatter guy are joining us.

As you can see, Baxter is rather sad about Granny and Ben's move to Dallas. He hopes they'll leave posts for him on this blog.

DocLarry and Mrs. DocLarry will also miss Granny and Gentle Ben. The entire DocLarry household wishes them a safe journey.

Where's Osama?

You know, the guy responsible for 9/11. Doesn't seem like the Bush administration has worried about him, being bogged down in Iraq and all. Oh, they like to pull him out around election time to scare the voters and make the neocons tremble under their beds.

Most thinking beings would consider the failure to capture the man responsible for the 9/11 attacks a failure. But not Bushco. Nope. To them, the capture of bin Laden is a "success that hasn't occurred yet," according to White House Homeland Security Adviser Frances Frago Townsend.

I wonder if I can buy a new house with the money I'm going to win in the lottery? After all, that's just a success that hasn't occurred yet.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Have You Had Enough Yet?

More U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq than the number of people killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks. At least 2,977 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq, and the 9/11 milestone came on Christmas.

NEW YORK (AP) -- In a span of a few hours, 2,973 people were killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. In a span of 45 months, the number of American troops killed in Iraq has exceeded that grim toll.

The milestone in Iraq came on Christmas, nearly four years after the war began, according to a count by The Associated Press.

With new casualties announced by the U.S. military on Tuesday, the death toll of American soldiers since the March 2003 beginning of the Iraq war was at least 2,978 -- five more than the number killed in the Sept. 11 attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

The AP count is 17 higher than the Defense Department's tally, which was last updated Tuesday.

President Bush has said the Iraq war is part of the United States' post-Sept. 11 approach to threats abroad: Taking the offensive against enemies before they could harm Americans.

There has not been any credible evidence linking Iraq to the Sept. 11 attacks. Democrats have said the war in Iraq detracted from efforts against al-Qaida and other terrorist groups.

According to the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, the Dept. of Defense has now confirmed 2,977 U.S. deaths, with another 13 pending DoD confirmation--a total of 2,990 U.S. troops killed in a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

But hey, at least Dubya is making "good progress" on a fresh strategy on Iraq. That means many more young Americans will die for Bush's folly. And as we all know, deciderating is hard work.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Beagle Blogging

Baxter wishes you all a happy and safe holiday, whatever you celebrate. And he reminds you, as a good midwesterner, there must be Jello with Christmas dinner.

Baxter, the Talented and Lovely Mrs. DocLarry and DocLarry will be traveling north this weekend. For those of you also on the roads, drive safely and courteously. Santa is ever vigilant.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thanks, I guess.

So I've been named Time's "Person of the Year." I should feel honored, I suppose, even though it puts me on a level with Hitler. But I'm in good company because all of YOU are also Time's "Person of the Year."

I thought the purpose of this annual issue was to address the person or persons who, for bad or worse, most affected world events of the year. So they picked...everyone? So we all most affected world events this year? Equally?

Sounds like we're all above average. All 6.5 billion of us. I feel so special.