Thursday, October 19, 2006

Whole Lotta Shaking Goin' On

Hawaii had an earthquake. Missouri's bigger than Hawaii, so we had to have one of our own. KFVS-TV reports (Cape Girardeau):

NEW MADRID COUNTY, Mo. - The United States Geological Survey reports an 3.4 magnitude earthquake centered two miles west of Lilbourn and three miles south-southeast of Catron. The tremor could be felt from Sikeston down to Portageville. The Geological Survey reports the earthquake happened almost seven miles below the surface.

"I pulled up in my car and everything started to shake. My hood was shaking and then all at once, it stopped," Kathy Hornberg said.

"I was in my house cooking, and at all once boom," Gregory Hughes said.

"I thought someone ran into the apartment with a car," Orlando Perkins said.

No one reported any damages, except for a few pictures falling off the walls. Local police patrolled areas, making sure no gas lines broke. So far, no reports of that either.