Saturday, October 28, 2006

Supporting the Troops

Read enough right-wing blog and forum posts and you'll come away with the notion that Republicans support our troops while Democrats do not. That's bunk. Most people in the military believe it. Most Republicans believe it. Many moderates believe it and even a few Democrats believe it. But there is absolutely no way it is true. In the reality-based community, Democrats support the troops significantly more than Republicans do.

Republicans favor a war that does absolutely nothing to protect America, have no real plan for how to win that war, lied about the reasons for that war and have undercut the troops in combat by not putting enough troops on the ground to handle the job and poorly equipping those they did put in and by cutting benefits for soldiers during wartime. Republicans have controlled Congress and the White House during this entire debacle. Republicans alone are responsible.

And fortunately, the troops are figuring out which party really supports them. A group called Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America has graded all of the members of Congress. How do the grades come out? Quite clear:

In the Senate, every single Democrat scores higher than every single Republican. The lowest grade for any Democrat is a B-. The highest grade for any Republican is a C. Only five Republicans even get a C- or higher. Conservative Republicans get no grade better than a D+.

In the House, the pattern is not quite as definative, but it is still overwhelming. Everyone with a grade of B+ or higher is a Democrat (or Socialist). Everyone with a grade of D or lower is a Republican. There are a few Republicans that make it into the B range (although again, no conservatives) and a few Democrats who make it into the D range. The average grade for Democrats is B+, compared to a C average for Republicans.

As for Missouri, 100% of Democrats score better than 100% of Republicans:

Rep. Russ Carnahan A-
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver A-
Rep. Ike Skelton A-
Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay B+

Rep. Jo Ann H. Emerson C+
Rep. Todd Akin C
Rep. Roy Blunt C
Rep. Sam Graves C
Rep. Kenny C. Hulshof C
Sen. Jim Talent D+
Sen. Christopher S. Bond D

For a colorful breakdown, go visit Sinfonian.

In addition to the many veterans running for office as Democrats and the IAVA people, a growing number of generals and active soldiers are speaking out against the failed Republican policies regarding the military.

If you REALLY support the troops, vote Democratic.