Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Simple Question

Rep. Geogg DavisThis is Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY), a member of the party which claims to be the one grasping the importance of the Iraq war. At a debate on Thursday, October 18 at Northern Kentucky University, Rep. Davis was asked how many U.S. soldiers had died in Iraq this month.

Davis replied: "I believe it is 17."

The U.S. combat death toll in October alone stood at 75 - likely to be the highest for any month in nearly two years.

Dick CheneyDo you think this man knows how many U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq this month?

George W. BushHow about this man?

Jim TalentThis is Sen. Jim Talent (R-MO). Do you think he knows how many U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq this month?

Sgt. Lawrence ParrishDo you think he knows about this man? This is Sgt. Lawrence L. Parrish, a soldier who grew up in Versailles, Missouri and whose family recently moved to Lebanon, Missouri.

Sgt. Parrish died from injuries suffered when he encountered an improvised explosive device on October 7 in Iraq. He was 36-years-old. He is survived by his wife, Sarah, and five children, Katheryn, Constance, Jacqueline, Hayden and Gracelynn.

Talent and BushDo you think these men know Sgt. Parrish died in Iraq this month?

President Bush has begun saying this traumatic period in Iraq will be seen as "just a comma" in the history books.

Is Sgt. Parrish "just a comma?" Is his widow? His five children?

Had Enough?