Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Street Talk: Honoring the Fallen

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Five years ago this month American forces entered Afghanistan in response to the September 11 attacks. Seventeen months later, American forces invaded Iraq.
Since then, more than 3-thousand U-S service personnel have died in those wars. Among them are 60 with ties to Missouri, including two women. Some of them come from communities that don't have many people living in them. Sixteen of them are from southwest Missouri. Three from Springfield.

No matter how you feel about the wars, you have to respect those who've been killed in the service of our country.

The fallen are real people. They have names and faces. Each deserves recognition for taking on a risky challenge. Compared to past national conflicts, the number of deaths is small. But the sacrifice and loss on a personal level is just as painful.

On STREET TALK, we remember and honor the Missourians who have made the supreme sacrifice. The tribute includes their names, rank, age, hometown and the circumstances of their deaths.

Our motivation is simple: to honor the young people who have given their lives. Nothing more.

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