Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Reminder

August 28, 2005: FEMA Warns Bush "This Is the Big One"

Bush asked no questions, claimed to be "fully prepared"

August 29, 2005: Katrina Makes Landfall

Bush, McCain cakeBush has cake with McCain

Then sells his Medicare package to seniors in Arizona

And again in California

August 30, 2005: NOLA is Under Water

Bush holds a photo-op in San Diego to commemorate 60th Anniversary of V-J Day

Bush plays guitar with country singer Mark Willis, then returns to Crawford, Texas for a final night of vacation

August 31, 2005: 3,000 People Stranded at Convention Center Without Food or Water

Bush finally observes the devastation in New Orleans . . . from 5,000 feet

Condoleezza Rice shops for shoes, plays tennis, and attends a Broadway show

September 1, 2005: NOLA Descends Into Anarchy

Bush claims no one expected the levees to break

September 2, 2005: Superdome Evacuated, Food and Water Reaches Stranded at Convention Center

Bush stages photo-op "briefing;" Coast Guard helicopters and crew diverted from rescue efforts to act as backdrop

Bush uses 50 firefighters as props for a second photo-op

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