Friday, August 18, 2006

August 18

“Your birth is a mistake you'll spend your whole life trying to correct.”
--Chuck Palahniuk

These people were born on this date:
1750 Antonio Salieri, Italian composer (think Amadeus)

1774 Meriwether Lewis (Lewis and Clark)

1835 Marshall Field (department store owner)

1904 Max Factor (cosmetics entrepreneur)

1917 Caspar Weinberger, (Sec. of Defense under Ronald Reagan, '81-87)

1920 Shelley Winters (actress)

1927 Rosalynn Carter (former First Lady)

1928 Marge Schott (former owner Cincinnati Reds)

1933 Roman Polanski (director)

1934 Vincent Bugliosi (LA prosecutor Manson Family case, Tate-Lobianco murders)

1934 Roberto Clemente (baseball player)

1936 Robert Redford (actor-director)

1943 Martin Mull (Fernwood 2Nite)

1952 Elayne Boosler (comedian)

1952 Patrick Swayze (actor)

1957 Denis Leary (actor)

1958 Madeleine Stowe (actor)

1958 DocLarry (blogger)

1969 Everlast (musician)

1969 Christian Slater (actor)

1969 Edward Norton (actor)

1970 Malcolm-Jamal Warner (actor)

These events happened on this date:
1227 Genghis Khan, Mongol leader, died

1868 French astronomer Pierre Jules Cesar Janssen discovers helium

1920 19th Amendment to US Constitution passes, guaranteeing women's suffrage

1963 James Meredith becomes the first black person to graduate from the University of Mississippi.

1965 Vietnam War: Operation Starlite begins - United States Marines destroy a Viet Cong stronghold on the Van Tuong peninsula in the first major American ground battle of the war.

1988 Indiana Sen. Dan Quayle was nominated as George H.W. Bush's running mate during the Republican National Convention in New Orleans.