Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hey, I've Got Something In Common With LeAnn Rimes!

A few years ago I spent several days in St. John's Hospital battling a leg infection. Being diabetic, I'm supposed to be extra careful when I get scratched or cut on my extremities, especially my legs. Unfortunately, I had a toenail removed and wasn't quite as careful as I thought, resulting in a serious infection. A trip to the emergency room following a fever of 105.7 and pain in my leg led to the hospitalization.

According to this CNN.com story, Ms. Rimes has cancelled three concerts this week to undergo surgery for a leg infection. Her publicist says Ms. Rimes is expected to play the remaining dates of her "This Woman" tour. Branson's Grand Palace indicates Ms. Rimes is scheduled to play there sometime in the future, but hasn't announced dates yet. No dates for Branson are included in the tour information on Country Music Television's web site.

Why, you ask, is DocLarry writing about this? Because LeAnn Rimes is appearing at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. I grew up near Mt. Pleasant and sometimes attended the Old Threshers Reunion on Labor Day weekend to watch the steam engine-driven threshing machines work. Lots of noise, lots of steam, lots of people, all in the late summer heat.