Monday, July 24, 2006

Don't Eat at Doe's, and Don't Pick on Granny

Our dear friend Granny Geek has been attacked by a ptomaine-infested, sniveling little twerp who is the general manager of a food-poisoning-likely-to-happen restaurant, Doe's Eat Place. Granny posted a review of the restaurant and the twerp-in-charge chose to attack Granny for an unrelated post. The dimwit evidently thought Granny wouldn't recognize his email address. She did, and she outed him. We posted a comment, copied below.

We discourage anyone from eating at Doe's as we fear they may come down with a bad case of food poisoning. The kitchen staff at Doe's does NOT handle food properly. And the general manager evidently believes it is perfectly acceptable to place to-go orders in used metal cans. Granny has the proof. We feel ill just thinking about what might have been in that can before the staff (with the apparent approval of the general manager) added the tamales, the reported house specialty. We hope the metal can had contained food. Might have been oil, paint thinner, rat poison, shoe polish, who knows?

Now before anyone jumps down our throat, we don't have a problem with Dennis, Doe's general manager, voicing his opinion on Granny's blog. We don't have a problem with views that differ from Granny's or our own. We DO have a problem with Whiny Ass Titty Babies who attack the messenger rather than clean up their mess.

And yes, we are having a hissy fit about this. Deal.

(cross-posted at Granny Geek)

Well, if I had ever planned to eat at Doe’s, I’ve forever cancelled such plans. At least until new management comes along. Let’s recap:

On July 6th, Granny posts a review (i.e., opinion piece) of a restaurant. In this review she reveals several serious health code violations which could potentially lead to food poisoning of patrons. Ultimately, that could lead to the closing of the restaurant and (quite hopefully) a lawsuit against the owners and management. (I wouldn’t sue the rank and file workers. . .they likely don’t make enough to make it worthwhile)

Granny also says nice things about the restaurant, namely that the service is excellent, it’s a meat-lovers paradise, the fries are excellent, and the ambiance is fun and casual. Still, there’s that worry over food poisoning, and the stupidity of putting a “to-go” order in a used can. Got to be breaking some law with that one.

Some two weeks after this, the general manager of said restaurant (one Dennis Fowler) emails Granny requesting she call him to discuss her concerns with said restaurant. Even provides a phone number, I assume. Granny attempts to reach Dennis who won’t take her call. He NOW claims he was “in dispose,” whatever the hell that means. This Dennis doesn’t sound like the brightest of bulbs. Dennis also now claims he attempted to return Granny’s call, but blames Granny for his failure to reach her because she called on “what was a ‘restricted’ number.”

Yeah. Right.

Dear readers, if you were in Dennis’ position, what would you do? Personally, I’d email Granny to explain the reason I was unable to take her call, and the reason I was unable to return that call. Granny obviously received the first email from Dennis. She tried to call him as he requested.

We’ve already established Dennis isn’t the brightest fellow. He doesn’t go the logical, intelligent route. No, Dennis decides to post a comment on Granny’s blog attacking Granny. Go back and read his initial comment. He claims Granny’s blog is “biased and full of half truths. Its (sic) YELLOW JOURNALISM.” In his tiny, immature brain, Dennis probably thinks people will read his comment and decide Granny must have been telling “half truths” about the restaurant for which he is responsible.


(Yes, we know using all caps is shouting. We hope the message gets through to Dennis this way. He just might understand shouting.)

Dennis compounds his problem by stating “Im (sic) willing to talk anytime. You know how to contact me. Sunday is a great day to get a hold of me.” Dennis lies. He obviously is NOT willing to talk “anytime” as he did not take Granny’s phone call. Dennis is dim. He says Granny knows how to contact him, but he won’t take the initiative to use his knowledge of how to contact Granny, and do so. The boy needs help!

And to dig the hole just a bit deeper, Dennis claims “Im (sic) here and Im (sic) easy to get along with and eager to please. It’s what I do.”

No, Dennis, you’re not eager to please. If you were you would not have attacked Granny, you would not have ignored her phone call, you would have made more than one effort (one wonders if you even did that) to return her call.

No, Dennis, what you are is dim, self-absorbed and a poor manager. Your post on Granny’s blog has done more damage to your business than her review. For now we all know what a sniveling little twerp you are. I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the health inspector’s reports on Doe’s, and/or the first report of food poisoning.

Most importantly, I’m awaiting your sincere public apology to Granny. We’ve seen your ass, Dennis Fowler. Now let’s see your backbone.