Monday, July 24, 2006

Avoid Indiana

Add highway sniper attacks to the many good reasons to avoid the vowel state between Illinois and Ohio.

SEYMOUR, Indiana (AP) -- Sniper attacks targeted two pickup trucks early Sunday on a busy highway, killing one person and wounding a second, and police asked other motorists who had been through the area to check their vehicles for bullet holes.

Hours later, two more vehicles were struck by bullets on another four-lane highway about 100 miles away, but there was no immediate indication if the two cases were connected, police said.

One shot struck a southbound pickup on Interstate 65 shortly after midnight, killing one of its two passengers, police said. At about the same time, a bullet grazed the head of a passenger in another southbound pickup on the same highway.

That passenger and the driver of the pickup are from Iowa. No, we don't know them.