Friday, April 28, 2006

Will Bush Finally Be Impeached?

Granny Geek received an interesting email April 18th defining the terms for impeaching Bush. (click the photo to enlarge it, no pun intended)

Now that we know the FBI is investigating a Republican sex scandal involving prostitutes at the Watergate Hotel (what IS it with Republicans and the Watergate?), will Dubya finally be impeached?

And let's be very clear. This IS a REPUBLICAN sex scandal. Just at Jack Abramoff's illegal activities were purely REPUBLICAN-oriented. Anyone spinning differently is flat out lying. Josh Marshall has complete coverage.

BONUS: Limbaugh reached a PLEA BARGAIN (not a "settlement agreement") and is PAYING A FINE (not "reimbursing") in regards to his drug addiction. The facts in place demonstrate beyond any doubt that RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A DRUG ADDICT.