Wednesday, April 19, 2006

He's Stupid and Ugly and Nobody Likes Him

We're talking about the president, of course. The latest 50-state SurveyUSA poll shows Bush's approval ratings continuing to tank at 36%. Only four states show approval ratings above 50%: Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Nebraska.

Only 36% of Missourians approve of Bush's performance. That's down from 42% one year ago. In Missouri, men are more likely to approve of Bush than women, as are older people. Surprisingly, 55% of Hispanics approve of Bush versus 39% whites and 11% of blacks. And even though 72% of Republicans approve of Bush, only 59% of conservatives do. Folks in the Ozarks provide a 41% approval rating.

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt has a slightly higher job approval rating at 37%, making him the 8th lowest-rated governor in the nation. That approval rating is up from 33% one year ago when Blunt was the third least popular governor.

Missourians in March gave Sen. Kit Bond a 53% approval rating and Sen. Jim Talent a 51% approval rating. Bond's numbers are up slightly from one year ago, down slightly from February. Talent, who's running for re-election, has a higher approval rating than one year ago and from February.

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