Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Talent Draws a Crowd

As children, we all learned the saying "Two's company, three's a crowd." Jim Talent found that saying to be true.

Left in Missouri has learned that at two recent campaign stops, the Talent team was only able to scrape together 5 - that's right FIVE - people interested enough in Mr. Talent and his plans for Missouri to come listen to him speak.

The first stop was in Sikeston. When Talent walked in, this is what he saw: two people assembling a 1,000-piece puzze of Big Ben, two old salts chatting about the war, and Shirla, a disgruntled Democrat from Dexter. The director of the center came in to ask if anybody wanted juice, and a woman named Dorothy from the Dept. of Aging in Cape Girardeau watched the goldfish.

At the next stop, in Jackson, again only five seniors showed up, along with a few reporters - including one from The New York Times, and Dorothy.

Two campaign stops, 10 total supporters. Is it bad planning, or do Missourians just not care about Jim Talent?