Thursday, April 05, 2007

Paper Stuffing, Part II

Two weeks ago the News-Leader included seven (7) copies of Sears' "2 Day Sale" flyer. I questioned then the wisdom of providing me, and possibly others, with extra copies of an ad. Now I wonder if Gannet is trying to make more money by charging for the number of ad flyers they go through, rather than the actual number of papers they sell.

Today's edition came with eight (8) copies of Kohl's "2 Days Only" flyer. While the Sears ad was but four pages, the Kohl's ad is 24 pages and thus adds some weight to an already thick-with-ads paper.

Following this emerging pattern, I should receive nine (9) copies of a 144-page JC Penney catalog in two weeks. I sincerely hope my carrier doesn't toss that one onto the roof of my house. Or car. Heck, it would probably crack my driveway.

News-Leader, are you listening?