Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Missouri Democrat with Backbone?

Congressman William Lacy Clay Jr. represents Missouri's First Congressional District. I'm tempted to move to St. Louis just to be able to vote for him. Monday, Clay called for the removal of our troops from Iraq. But that's not all he said.

Rep. Clay called George W. Bush an "incompetent chickenhawk." Yes he did. And then he did something even better. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"President Bush took this country to war by choice, not because we had to fight but because he wanted a fight," Clay said, according to a text of the speech he gave Monday at St. Louis Community College at Meramec in Kirkwood.

Noting the billions of dollars spent on the war and the 2,000-plus death toll of U.S. soldiers, Clay, D-St. Louis, said the sacrifice of American lives "is not being shared equally" and asked why Bush's twin daughters had not enlisted.

"I have a question for President Bush," said Clay, who voted against the resolution authorizing Bush to go to war in Iraq. "If you really believe that the war that you started in Iraq is a fight to defeat terrorism and to defend our freedoms, why haven't your girls enlisted?"

Clay said that during World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt's sons enlisted and added: "That is a perfect example of the difference between a truly courageous wartime president and an incompetent chickenhawk who prefers to risk the lives of other American's children."

Clay also said he believed the U.S. had done all it could in Iraq, and "it's time to bring home."

Wow! A Missouri Democrat calls out Dubya. Who'd have thunk it?