Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The American Dream

While growing up in small farming town Iowa, I often heard The American Dream expressed as owning one's home. According to Wikipedia:

The American Dream is the faith held by many in the United States of America that through hard work, courage, and determination one can achieve a better life for oneself, usually through financial prosperity. These were values held by many early European settlers, and have been passed on to subsequent generations. What the American Dream has become is a question under constant discussion, and some believe that it has led to an emphasis on material wealth as a measure of success and/or happiness.
So I guess if owning your own home means you're prosperous, I may be soon seeing prosperity. Well, me and the missus.
I've never really thought about purchasing a house. I never thought I made enough money to afford it, and I tended to move from job to job with enough frequency that it hardly seemed worth the trouble of selling one house while buying another. But we think we're going to stay in Springtown until death or retirement. And I guess the former makes the latter unnecessary.

No, I won't tell you where the house is, or what it looks like, or provide any details. Not until I know we have it. Suffice it to say it's a nice house, darn near perfect for us, in a location we like. Details are falling into place, but I'm not holding my breath. Yet. Bad for my health, don't ya know.