Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why Do Bond & Talent Hate America?

Missouri senators Kit Bond and Jim Talent joined their fellow Republicans in killing legislation establishing an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate what went so horribly wrong with Hurricane Katrina.

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, 76% of Americans want an independent bipartisan commission, like the one that investigated the 9/11 attacks, to investigate what went wrong.

Yesterday, every Republican U.S. Senator (except the Senator from Louisiana, who simply didn't vote) voted AGAINST forming such a commission. All 54 of them.

Why? Don't they want to find out how we avoid an even larger catastrophe the next time Osama attacks a major American city with a chemical, biological or nuclear bomb?

Every Democratic Senator (except for one who didn't vote at all) voted in favor of an independent, bipartisan commission. All 44 of them.

Which party wants to protect America, and which one wants to cover-up anything that might make them look bad?