Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hey Look! Another Missing White Woman!

Wonder how long it will be before the MSM become obsessed with the latest missing blonde white woman? NBC's Today show did a tear-jerking bit this morning while ABC and CBS were showing Bush's speech at the U.N.

The Washington Post posted this article yesterday:

Eager to begin her freshman year at Virginia Commonwealth University, Taylor Behl created an online profile and wrote that she was looking for new friends in the Richmond area. Last week, she told her roommate she was going out for a few hours. She did not come back.

Behl, 17, was last seen Sept. 5, and campus officials said yesterday they still do not suspect foul play. But they are becoming increasingly concerned, and the investigation into her disappearance gains momentum and urgency with each passing day.


Behl's mother, Janet Pelasara, drove to Richmond from her Vienna home Wednesday, hours after her daughter's disappearance was reported to campus police. She said in several telephone interviews that Behl is an outgoing, friendly girl, not the sort who would cease contact with her family and friends.

"She's very family-oriented," Pelasara said. "She's basically a happy kid, a good kid. She's fun; she's funny; she's smart as a whip. I'm very worried about her."

Nothing wrong with reporting this story. But let's hope CNN, FOX, and MSNBC don't go to wall-to-wall coverage as they have in the past.

Let's also hope Behl is found alive and well.