Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Even in London

Reports are coming in that London police may well have screwed up big time when they killed a Brazillian man last month. The police "mistook" the man for a terrorist.

Britain's ITV television news reported the man was already seated on a train when he was tackled by a police surveillance officer. The report also quotes a passenger on the train as saying the first shot was fired while the victim was sitting down.

The documents and photographs confirm that Jean Charles was not carrying any bags, and was wearing a denim jacket, not a bulky winter coat, as had previously been claimed.

He was behaving normally, and did not vault the barriers, even stopping to pick up a free newspaper.

He started running when we saw a tube at the platform. Police had agreed they would shoot a suspect if he ran.

A document describes CCTV footage, which shows Mr de Menezes entered Stockwell station at a "normal walking pace" and descended slowly on an escalator.

The document said: "At some point near the bottom he is seen to run across the concourse and enter the carriage before sitting in an available seat.

British police originally said the 27-year-old Brazilian, Jean Charles de Menezes, was shot after refusing an order to stop. That no longer appears to be true.

While blame for this horrendous act cannot be placed fully on George W. Bush, he certainly deserves a portion of it, as do the actual terrorists. It's events like this that cause the world to hate the U.S. And Bush has done more to elevate that hate than any other American. Ever.

America can do better than George W. Bush.