Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Being Honored

I'm not quite sure how to react to this. My sudden disappearance from big church city (and blogging) was to attend a convention of journalism and mass communication educators in San Antonio, Texas.

I had no plans to go to this annual event because of its location and the time of year. San Antonio. August. Why? Well, you get good convention rates when you go to the deep south in August. This same group has had its convention in Miami Beach, Phoenix and New Orleans in recent years, along with Kansas City, Toronto and D.C. I'm not much up for high humidity. High heat I can deal with, but humidity wipes me out. Probably why I so enjoyed New Mexico earlier this summer.

Anyway, was going to pass on the convention until I got a phone call telling me I absolutely had to attend. Nope, not gonna do it. Please? Nope. OK, I really HAD to attend. Why? I was getting an award. Oh. Okay. I'll try.

So the missus and I dropped the beagle off at the pampered pet motel and drove to Texas. It rained part of the time, but generally we had hot and humid weather. Highs near 100 every day, humidity above 90 percent. Ate at a wonderful German deli and a pretty good Mexican restaurant (the wife loves a good Margarita). Visited the Alamo, walked on the Riverwalk, rode the trolley to see the Alamodome and other parts of town. A worthwhile visit. Even attended a session on blogging at the convention.

Dutifully went to the business meeting where the award was to be presented and had a wonderful conversation with a couple of ladies from the Radio-Television News Directors Foundation.

Came to the time for the award. Listened to a description of someone who sounded vaguely familiar, but certainly didn't deserve the kudos being bandied about. "Recognition long overdue," the host said. "Served the organization in good times and bad." "Not only should he receive this award, but we've decided to name it after him." Then he called me up to the podium to present a plaque honoring me for my service to the organization. I am the first recipient of a service award named for me. And then I got a standing ovation.

And I really don't know how to react to this. I am humbled by the experience. And very grateful to be so honored. But what does one say at such an event? Fortunately, no one expected me to give a speech. Wouldn't have been able to as I was choked up and speechless.

So, how'd you spend your weekend?