Wednesday, January 24, 2007

George May Get His BJ Yet

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Watertiger first brought this image of Dubya's own Monica to our attention, then went a step further to identify her as a Minnesota Congresswoman. Twin Cities TV station KSTP provides video which the networks will play over and over and over and over during Bush's impeachment, assuming he actually lies about the blowjob.
Newly-elected Congresswoman Michele Bachmann got quite a bit of face time with President Bush after his State of the Union Speech Tuesday night.

While the President was signing autographs for members of Congress after the speech, the sixth-district Republican put her hand on Bush's shoulder. However, it wasn't just a tap. After he signed an autograph for her, Bachmann grabbed the president and did not let go for almost 30 seconds.

After signing the autograph for Bachmann, the president turns away, but Bachmann doesn't let go. In fact, the video shows her reaching out to get a better grip on him.

Bush then leans over to kiss another congresswoman, but Bachmann is still holding on. Bachmann then gets more attention, a kiss and an embrace from the president. A few seconds later, Bachmann's hand finally comes off the presidential shoulder.