Monday, January 22, 2007

Birds and Squirrels

One of the great things about our house is the back yard and the deck looking out on to an empty field. Lots of woodland creatures in the area and Mrs. DocLarry has taken to feeding them.

We have two bird feeders hanging from a double shepherd's crook, and a glass pie plate on the deck filled with bird/squirrel food. We're amazed at the variety of birds which dine at our abode. We're also pleased with the comical antics of the squirrels, having counted up to seven at a time on our deck and in the yard. I am intrigued by the squirrels' ability to climb the metal shepherd's crook and to hang upside down from it while eating from the bird feeder. This sometimes results in the feeder falling with the squirrel attached, spilling the contents on the ground. That makes it easier for all the creatures to partake, but I don't think the squirrels do so intentionally.

Perhaps I've underestimated their intelligence. This morning a tapping disturbed my perusal of today's paper. Looking toward the deck I saw (and I am NOT making this up) a squirrel sitting on its haunches at the door, tapping at the glass. I swear. I didn't know if I should answer or not. The squirrel wasn't patient enough to wait for me and moved on.

Do squirrels have some sort of fund-raiser going on which requires them to sell door to door? Squirrel Scout cookies, maybe?