Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sick. Vile. Disgusting.

No, not the Republicans. Well, yeah, maybe some of them. No, this post is about them there "purity balls" that are all the rage in certain locales. These, you may recall, are events run by "Christian" groups where daddies take their little girls (and some not so little) to some fancy hotel for dinner and a dance, dress up in formal attire, and sign pledges. The daughter pledges to remain a virgin until marriage. That father pledges to subordinate the daughter and teach her how to be a wife.

Amanda Marcotte has posted a promotional video for one of these "purity balls."

. . .just wait until you hear the guy explain about a 17-year-old girl sitting in her dad’s lap and explaining that she doesn’t need boyfriends because she gets everything she’d need from them from Daddy.

As Ron White says, it's one of the "Things that make you go buhhhh!"

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to shower. For days. Buhhhhhhhhhhhh!