Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Krugman on the Election

Paul Krugman has an analysis of the midterm election with which I agree:

Ever since movement conservatives took over, the Republican Party has pushed for policies that benefit a small minority of wealthy Americans at the expense of the great majority of voters. To hide this reality, conservatives have relied on wagging the dog and wedge issues, but they’ve also relied on a brilliant marketing campaign that portrays Democrats as elitists and Republicans as representatives of the average American.

This sleight of hand depends on shifting the focus from policy to personal style: John Kerry speaks French and windsurfs, so pay no attention to his plan to roll back tax cuts for the wealthy and use the proceeds to make health care affordable.

This year, however, the American people wised up.

No link because the article is behind a subscription-only firewall.

Oh, wait. There appears to be a Firewall Fairy allowing us to read the full column.