Friday, July 29, 2005

This is NOT Journalism

The so-called liberal news media are slowly giving up any resemblance to journalism. Republicans are taking advantage of this new modus operandi.

Apparently, if you give exclusive stories to [certain members of organizations purporting to be news operations] with the condition that no Democrats are to be allowed to comment on the story, so-called journalists think that's a perfectly acceptable thing to do. They won't even bother to do any additional research for the story.

The Washington Post did this recently with an article presenting Dubya's arguments for withholding documents written by Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. during his tenure as the Justice Department's deputy solicitor general under Daddy Bush.

Now comes a report of Roll Call doing something similar for an article about a GOP ad targeting West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd.

How anyone can seriously believe the "news" media are liberally biased is beyond me. This isn't journalism. It's propaganda. And yes, I'd call it the same thing if the Democrats were the ones demanding no others sources be consulted. In fact, I don't fault the GOP for making the request. No reporter or editor should ever agree to such nonsense.