Monday, July 11, 2005

Random Act of Kindness

My better half was having the oil changed on her car the other day at Bob's Automotive on South Enterprise. A little old lady stopped by with a problem. And the good people at Bob's provided a reason we'll always take our vehicles there.

It seems the woman's frail husband routinely checked the oil on their car every Sunday before going to church. But he's reached a point where he can no longer do so. The lady wondered if harm would be done to the car if the oil wasn't checked every week.

The manager of Bob's told her to bring the car in every Friday and he would personally check the oil to make sure it was OK. The lady offered to pay him for his time and he refused. The lady thanked him, declaring that she knew her husband would worry if the oil wasn't checked each week.

Bob's made life easier for an elderly couple, and won a couple lifetime customers with this random act of kindness.