Wednesday, June 29, 2005

FCC Commissioner Needs Your Help

BuzzFlash has an interview with pro-consumer Federal Communications Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein in which he asks for our help in preventing the Karl Rove effort to control the media.

I think activists play a really critical role in helping to mobilize communities that are concerned about this. It turns out that a vast public is worried about this, and it takes a handful of advocate leaders to make sure to channel that energy and let them know how to get involved, and how to impact the FCC and Congress. That’s a critical role for them to take.

After all, the law requires that we do what’s in the "public interest." That’s what Congress asked. If we don’t have input from the public, it’s kind of arrogant to say that we somehow know better than the public what’s good for them. We need to involve the public and involve Congress -- listen to what the public thinks is best for them. And it really takes the help from an organized and savvy group like those Americans who were represented out in St. Louis to make sure that all of the different viewpoints are well represented.

You need to contact the FCC and let them know who you think should control the media.