Thursday, June 07, 2007


The News-Leader does it again!

Professor awarded two grants for more than $40,000
Dr. Lynn Robbins, professor of biology, was awarded two grants for more than $40,000 from Western EcoSystems Technology, Inc. to determine the presence or absence of Indiana bats in specific areas of northern Missouri.

The projects will determine the presence of the endangered bats and the species composition of other bat species on a site that is under consideration for the construction of wind generated electric turbines.

“The firm representing the power company is working closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in a pro-active manner to determine if there would be any adverse consequences to wildlife if the project is to move ahead,” Robbins said. “My part is to use nets and ultrasonic detectors (Bat Detectors) to look at the presence and abundance of all bat species in the area.”
Anyone notice anything missing? Anyone?

At which college or university is Dr. Lynn Robbins a professor of biology? It's not like there's only one in Springfield. I'm certain the news release from which this was copied included the name of that institution of higher learning.

Was there truly a need to post this to the Web under "Latest News Updates" without this highly relevant bit of information? Could it not have waited until Friday morning?