Thursday, May 10, 2007


That's Mrs. DocLarry's pet name for our recovering-from-surgery Baxter. The boy came through it just fine, if quite hungry. He had to fast for 12 hours prior to surgery and simply could not understand why Mrs. DocLarry wouldn't give him "special breakfast," which consists of wet dog food with his daily pills. Upon arriving home after the event Baxter drank an entire bowl of water and ate about half the dry food put out for him. Then it was off to check that no one had taken over his back yard, followed by forced posing for pictures.

One skin tag was inside his right ear and that spot has bled some since coming home. Doctor Tedd says it's OK and it hasn't been a great deal of blood, so I'll trust my vet on this. Baxter doesn't seem to be in pain but is a bit annoyed by the stitches. Nine more days until those come out. I hope I survive.

arrows point to a few of the areas now skin tag-less