Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dubya's Nixon Moment?

That was then:

The 18 1/2-Minute Gap -- Three days after the Watergate break-in, Nixon and Haldeman discussed the arrests. A tape made then contained a supicious 18 1/2-minute gap.

This is now:
Shades of Rose Mary Woods? An 18 day gap?

I think a commenter in our document dump research thread may have been the first to notice that the emails released by the Justice Department seem to have a gap between November 15th and December 4th of last year.

(Our commenter saw it late on the evening of the dump itself -- see the comment date-stamped March 20, 2007 02:19 AM in the research thread)

The firing calls went out on December 7th. But the original plan was to start placing the calls on November 15th. So those eighteen days are pretty key ones.

Fortunately for the American people, a House of Representatives Judiciary subcommittee has authorized subpoenas for Harriet Miers and Karl Rove if they refuse to testify under oath voluntarily.

The only reason to refuse to be under oath or even have a transcript is because you plan to lie and you want to do it with impunity.