Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stoner, This One's For You

Media Girl keeps us informed of the latest Finnish court rulings:

A fee of 25,500 euros ($32,000) is way too much for a woman to charge a man for fondling her bosom, a Finnish district court ruled.

The court jailed a couple in their twenties for more than a year for charging a 74-year-old who suffers from dementia a total of 25,500 euros to enjoy the woman's breasts on 10 occasions.

"Based on general life experience alone, it is indisputably clear that a 25,500 euro charge is disproportionate to the compensation in question," Judge Hasse Hakki, who heard the case, told Reuters Friday.

For a discussion of the merits of this case, follow the link. Seriously. Commenters are arguing whether breast fondling is a commodity subject to price regulation. I am not making this up!

Now, wasn't that a nice break from the latest Bush atrocities?