Tuesday, January 10, 2006

No Language Skills Required

Dubya marked the fourth anniversary of the "No Child Left Behind Act" with a speech at North Glen Elementary School in Gen Burnie, Maryland. He done hisself proud speechifying.

The blog First Draft has details:

Brownie Watch, Part I

I want to thank you for your leadership, Margaret. You're doing a heck of a job as the Secretary of Education.

Brownie Watch, Part II

Again, I want to congratulate Julie and Maurine for leading this school. You've done a heck of a job, and we're proud -- we're proud to honor you.

Brownie Watch, Part III (!)

One of my predecessors as the governor of Texas was Sam Houston. You may have heard of him, may not have heard of him. Interesting old guy. He was the President of the Republic of Texas. He was a United States senator. He was a congressman from Tennessee. He was the governor of Texas. He had done a lot of things. He led the battle of San Jacinto. I mean, he was a heck of a guy.

Has Thee Got Thee?

And we'd better make sure the future of this country has the got the capacity to compete in that world.

Come Make Sense

And the best place to start is to make sure every child can read and write and add and subtract. And so that was the spirit behind proposing the No Child Left Behind Act. And as I mentioned, there was a lot of non-partisan cooperation -- kind of a rare thing in Washington. But it made sense when it come to public schools.

I Before E Except After Wha???

Laura and I's spirits are uplifted any time we go to a school that's working, because we understand the importance of public education in the future of our country.

Once again, Dubya proves that even a C-student can be (a bad) president. Wonder if he knows how to spell potato?